NYC probate and estate administration

NYC probate and estate administration

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Are you an executor seeking help with probating a will in New York? Do you need professional and legal guidance from the best probate attorney in NYC? Or are you a family member or beneficiary of a deceased in NY, in need of legal backing for estate litigation and disputes? Then look no further. The NYC probate lawyer is here to offer you esteemed professional guidance all through probate, ensuring that your rights are enforced as an administrator or beneficiary, and your best interests are protected.

How the probate attorney NYC helps you

The probate attorney is a lawyer specialized in probate law. The NYC probate attorney is well-versed in the probate laws of New York, and knows the methods for handling the process to guarantee a smooth and cost-effective running of the usually complex process. He guides executors and estate administrators in estate administration, ensuring that all their responsibilities are effectively and lawfully carried out without negligence or oversight. He is also proficient in estate litigation, settling disputes that may arise among the family members of the decedent. The probate attorney is also involved in will contests. He can be hired by dissatisfied parties who wish to contest the will. The attorney helps in enforcing the client’s rights to the court, ensuring that their lawful claims are lawfully death will. The probate attorney NYC is driven by the need the see that New Yorkers get what is due to them by law, and that their interests are protected.

The probate lawyer will assist with the following:

  • 1. Initiating probate and notifying all interested parties

As an executor (named by the testator) or estate administrator (appointed by the court when there is no valid will), there are fiduciary responsibilities that rests on your shoulders. First, you have to file a petition to the probate court to initiate the probate process before the estate can be distributed to the beneficiaries. It is advised you hire the probate attorney as he will bring in his legal expertise to stand before the court on your behalf. When the will has been accepted by the court and you have been accepted as the fiduciary, your attorney will assist you in notifying the public that probate has commenced.

  • 2. Dealing with estate assets and creditors

An important part of probate is paying funeral expenses of the deceased, probate fees and expenses, settling creditors and dealing with estate taxes. All these responsibilities rest on the personal representative (executor or administrator). All payments must be made from estate funds, and you as the personal representative will be held accountable for the use of such funds. The probate lawyer will guide you in dealing with these expenses judiciously. He’ll help to file tax return forms to ensure they’re submitted timely in order to avoid penalties. Creditor claims are not always true, as there may be fraudsters seeking to make a fortune where they did not sow. The probate attorney brings in his legal expertise to the table to determine which creditor is worthy of his claims.

  • 3. Settling disputes

Beneficiaries or heirs who feel that they are being cheated in the inheritance may need to enforce their rights through estate litigation. The probate attorney is specialized also in estate litigation, and will ensure that you received what is due to you. Disputes amongst family members are best resolved by the probate lawyer before they escalate into a major court case. Court cases are expensive and should be avavoide

  • 4. Dismissal of a personal representative

Personal representatives who wish to be relieved of their duties should seek the assistance of the probate attorney to legally enforce their desire. Family members who also wish to dismiss a personal representative because of obvious fraudulence or incompetence would require a probate attorney to address and prove their claims to the court.

  • 5. Disbursement of estate assets

After all debts, taxes and expenses have been paid, the personal representative requires the assistance of the probate lawyer in the appropriate disbursement of the assets to the heirs or beneficiaries. This should be done with utmost care and professionalism, and that is what the probate attorney NYC is known for.

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