Man dies with $40 million, no will, and no heirs

Don’t Skip These Estate Planning Moves during Coronavirus

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The Story Of Mark Wilson

On his way home a resident of New York Brooklyn Bayridge who is 98 years old of age has got a heart attack. Mr. Wilson unfortunately has not written a Will for the court that would take care of his $4 million but there’s no possible heirs to obtain it. This is defined as an Intestate, or an Intestacy. An intestate is what happens to an estate in the case a individual dies before creating a will.

The ones received the news from attendance from any family will now have to go through a negotiation of what split among who and asked to go through a court process or a probate. 1/3 of the money usually goes to the spouse or children. This makes things harder as it is because of the fees and going though a passing of a grandparent. The situation becomes the process go for longer because this will have to also go through multiple drafts and approved by everyone else as they try to obtain the originals owners estate. The best thing to do in the situation is to obtain a lawyer who has better expertise in this field and can make it a case much easier with less fees they could be avoided because your getting professional help.


1. What happens to your property taxes when you die without a Will?

You would still have to pay not only federal taxes but also state taxes if you don’t prepare a Will which can make things tax free. With federal taxes, it depends on the rate by the state but in NY state it can go between 15 to 40% of taxes that need to be paid. With state taxes it’s less but you would still be responsible to pay the total sum even after a decedents death.

2. Can I make a handwritten will?

You can make handwritten Wills but some states have different procedures when it comes to this which makes the process itself more complicated. It’s best to get an official legal document from an estate attorney because it’s more organized, effective, and official.

3. Who may be appointed to handle an estate proceeding?

In a will, it’s whoever the executor is, but if there is no will, a person who qualifies to be responsible will serve as an administrator. Then either executor or administrator will handle the estate proceeding.

4. How does the Executor admit a will to probate?

The executor must file the will and a legal copy of the decedents death certificate with the probate petition. Any other related documents pertaining to the former owner’s residence. With all this there is a filing fee and the total sum depends on the size of the estate.

5. Who gets custody of the decedents children?

Whoever is written on the Will is held responsible of the decedents children but if no one is assigned the new guardian on the Will then the court will decide on their behalf.

6. Where Do I Keep My Will?

You should store the will in a safe but should be fireproof in case of a possible fire within the estate. You would have all the documents you need to save your money from this sort of incident. A safe deposit box should be avoided because your bank can limit access to the account after your death. At least one person you trust should know where your will is or file it but will be responsible as the representative unless announced in the will itself. Most important is that the will must be in an envelope.

7.  What is the benefit of hiring an attorney if free forms are available online?

Once an attorney is hired you have a professional say towards your Estate and where it’s being distributed. Free aren’t very beneficial and reliable because you’re not getting as much service as you would from an actual attorney. There may be some fallacies and interferences on these forms. This can cause difficulties at any court process difficult, longer and expensive.

8. Can an irrevocable trust be amended?

One thing you can do by is to remove assets you’ve written within the trust. You will still have the trust on file but it’ll be one that is empty. There’s also booking an appointment with the court through a trustee since he or she is responsible for making any adjustments as well in the trust even if it’s irrevocable. As long as there’s a good reason for the modification.

9. Can I collect unemployment if I go to school?

To receive unemployment you need to document that you’re looking for work and enrolled in school to receive some benefits.

10. How long do you have to work to collect unemployment in NY?

According to the official website, you need to be working for at least a month and in file at least $2,700 in wages.Your base period also needs to be higher than your quarter wages.

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