Importance of hiring a probate attorney 10011

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Importance of hiring a probate attorney 10011

If you have lost a loved one in your family and have found out that you have been named as their executor, you may be a bit tensed and anxious. This is probably because you have never acted as one, and you know next to nothing about executing a will and estate. The truth is, that person trusted you to represent them when they die. They trusted you to carry out their wishes contained in the will to the best of your capacity, and you do not want to let them down. While probating a will can be very complicated in New York, you can handle it with supervision from the court if it is a small estate and there are no challenges from family members. But if there are challenges and areas that you are not clear with, it is in your best interest to have an experienced probate attorney by your side.

The probate attorney

A probate attorney is an experienced probate lawyer practicing in New York, and will help you go through all the complicated aspects of the New York probate. If you expect or are experiencing problems with probate, it is advisable you hire the probate attorney as he will help interpret the will, explain legal terms in plain language, and walk you through the whole process to avoid costly mistakes. If you are asking, “how do I get in touch with a probate attorney near me 10011?” you don’t have to worry because he is just a phone call away. Put a call through to him today. You don’t have to worry about attorney fees; it comes from the estate purse. If you do not hire an attorney now, you may end up making costly mistakes that will make you spend more money in the future.

Areas where the probate attorney will be of help

  • Prevent or resolve family conflicts over the estate

It is usual to find family members squabbling against themselves during the probate process. They can do this over conflict of opinion, conflict of interest, or sheer greed. The executor often finds themselves caught up in the tug of war, with hardly any idea how to resolve the issue without stepping on anybody’s toe. They may also accuse the executor of mismanagement or incompetence. These are reasons why hiring a probate attorney becomes important. A probate attorney is experienced in resolving conflicts among family members, and between family members and the executor.

  • Making the process move faster

The probate process of New York is known to be lengthy. While some estates can close within a few months, some can go beyond 12. When a probate attorney assists with probate, the process typically goes faster since the executor would have extra experienced hands on the table.

  • Helps to file documents accurately

The probate process involves a lot of formalities and document filing. If any of these documents is filed inaccurately and presented by the executor to the court, they will be rejected. This slows down probate. When you have an experienced probate lawyer working with you, they will help in the proper filing of these documents, thus making the whole process move forward smoothly.

  • Handling of debts and taxes

Before assets are disbursed, estate debts, obligations and taxes must first be cleared. An attorney can help in overseeing this process to ensure that only legitimate creditors are paid, tax return forms are filed and submitted and all due taxes paid on time. When taxes are not filed and paid on time, fines and penalties are often attracted. Left for the executor alone, he may lack the required insight in dealing with creditors and state/federal estate taxes. The probate attorney helps avoid any mistakes that may put the family in a precarious position.

  • Preventing lawsuits

The probate attorney helps save the estate a lot of money by preventing unnecessary lawsuits. When a family member objects to anything during the probate process, they can file a lawsuit. In addition to the normal cost and time of probate, lawsuits can incur more heavy costs and drag on for months. When loved ones are suing each other, there is so much tension in the air, thus making the environment non-conducive for the executor. Having an attorney represent you in handling the probate process will greatly decrease the chances of lawsuits being filed.

So are you looking for a probate attorney near you (10011 New York) for legal representation during probate? Contact the New York probate attorney 10011 today.

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