5 Estate Planning Tips
Estate Planning

5 Estate Planning Tips

Spousal Rights. There are laws set up engaging companions and administering the circulation of property in case of death. They would all be able to

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What is a Probate Attorney?
Estate Planning

What is a Probate Attorney?

NYC PROBATE LAW A probate legal counselor is a lawyer who offers legitimate guidance and help to the individual delegate or agent of a home

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international immigration lawyer NYC

International immigration lawyer NYC

Immigration Lawyers Near Me The immigration lawyer is an exclusive kind of lawyer who is in cost of complicated instances, like issues associated with immigration,

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning in NYC

Introduction Estate planning is a crucial process that allows individuals and families to make important decisions about their assets, healthcare, and legacy. In New York

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Probate Attorney near me 10006
Estate Planning

Best probate Attorney near me 10006

A probate attorney is a lawyer specialized in probate laws, one who is insightful and experienced in assisting families and personal representatives in probating an

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Estate Planning Attorney
Estate Planning

Finding an Estate Planning Attorney

How to find an estate planning attorney What are the prospects of finding an estate planning attorney? Finding an estate planning attorney is a process

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Estate Planning Lawyers Bronx NY
Estate Planning

Estate Planning Lawyers Bronx NY

Our estate planning lawyers Bronx, NY are committed to offering you impeccable estate planning services that serves your best interests. We take a holistic assessment

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Will Lawyer
Estate Planning

Will Lawyer NYC

Last Will and Testament Last Will is an estate plan that holds detailed list of instructions as to how your property should be shared after

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Surviving and moving forward from a sexual assault can be a life long journey.
When the assault happened, the survivor’s life would immediately change. The survivors
may be affected mentally, emotionally and physically. It is more likely that emotional and
psychological scars will last more than the physical ones.

This can make it hard for the survivors to come forward, speak up, and reclaim
their story.

Why Survivors have a hard time coming forward

It is common for sexual assault survivors to feel ashamed of what happened. Some would
feel guilty and blame themselves why the incident occurred. Of course, there is also a fear
of being judged by their family, friends or loved ones.
For some, they are afraid that the sexual assault will define them and people will forever tag
them as victims. We, both the survivors and as a society, must remember that there is more
to a person than just their past. Remember, the survivors are never to be blamed for what happened.

How a Survivor reclaim their story

Reclaiming one’s story differs from person to person.
Some prefer to tell a few trusted loved ones while others seek justice for what has been
done. Either way, we must always side with the survivors and assure them that we believe
what they are telling us. It is difficult to come forward and speak up about their sexual assault but with the right
support, things may be easier.

The support available for sexual assault survivors

Aside from the love and support from family, friends and loved ones, there are a number of
support systems that survivors can reach out to should they ever decide to come forward
and tell their story.
There is the National Sexual Assault Hotline:1-800-656-HOPE where that can get anonymous
emotional support. There are also support groups that they can join where they can meet
co-survivors who have full understanding of what they are going through. Of course there is
also counseling from professional psychological workers,
Some will opt to seek justice for what has been done to them.

Seeking justice

Once a survivor comes forward, they would have a choice if they want to prosecute their
There could also be a number of reasons why survivors would not seek legal ramifications
against their abuser. Only the survivor can decide on this with themselves. Of course, they can
report what happened to the authorities for investigation and later on a proper criminal or civil
However, it is best if one is planning to go on this route to speak with a sexual assault lawyers.
Sexual assault attorneys will not only listen to the survivor but will also give advice on what
legal steps they can take against their abuser.
At the end of the line, it is important for survivors to remember that they are not alone in this
journey. There will be a lot of support systems like their family and friends as well as
institutions that will welcome and embrace them with open arms once they come forward.
What happened is their story to tell and theirs alone and they have all the
power over it.

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