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Starting a new business can be exciting, challenging, and certainly scary — especially if you don’t have proper legal support to protect you from the litany of laws that apply to NYC businesses. That’s where Morgan Legal Group can help!

Out team of business formation attorneys have worked with hundreds of NYC entrepreneurs and business groups to navigate the complex waters of business formation. Let us handle the legal nitty gritty so you can focus on what you do best, growing your business!

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Why Hire a Business Formation Lawyer?

As any entrepreneur can tell you, starting a business means putting out fires nonstop while trying to forge ahead. Unfortunately, most of those fires in the early going can be legal matters that far too many business owners fail to consider. Just a handful of questions you may not be asking:

  • Do I know all the unique NYC laws that could affect how my business must be structured?
  • Do I have a sound framework for finding, hiring, and compensating new employees within the confines of the law?
  • Do I know what my competitors can legally do to prevent my growth and what I can do to avoid it?
  • Have I built flexibility into my business plan for common legal pitfalls?

The Morgan Legal business formation attorneys have been helping individuals like you make the smart calls for their businesses and avoid seemingly innocuous decisions that could have catastrophic effects for decades now. Protect your business today, plan for tomorrow.


Our law firm has the highest wins ratio percentage among all other New York legal practices.

Working With Our Business Formation Specialists

With years of experience in the business of helping NYC upstarts thrive, the Morgan Legal Group makes the legal process as simple as possible for you. We’ll meet with you 1:1 to learn about your current business, your future goals, and give you a full analysis of the steps you need to take to confidently build your business from day 1.

Unlike most business formation attorneys, we seek to be a full-service support system in your growth, and are always available to answer any questions and provide any education you need about unique laws, employment programs or risks to your success.

FAQ’s About Business Formation in New York

Have questions about starting your business with the help of our attorneys? Take a look at some of our most common questions and get in touch with our team:
Still open questions?

From LLCs to sole proprietorships to partnerships of all kinds, we can help you determine specifically what type of business classification gives you the most freedom, security and legal cover.

Your business name will not only set the foundation for your brand, it will affect your customer acquisition capabilities. Beyond this, your business name has significant legal implications. Let us help you navigate them.

There are thousands of laws, policies and best practices that can put you in the best position legally as an employer. Talk to our business formation who will make sure you are secure and protected every step of the way.

Every operating agreement is different and each set of bylaws needs to be heavily tailored to your specific business needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, which is why so many business owners fall victim to leaving themselves at risk. Get help!

From trademarks to copyright laws, IP protection is becoming more and more important every day. Luckily, Morgan legal has decades of experience navigating these complex laws and will make sure your IP is safe.

Let’s Get Your Business Started Today!

Don’t let your business fall victim to unforeseen penalties and laws that stop you from realizing your potential. Call our team of business formation today and get off on the right foot.

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