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We work our whole lives to set ourselves and our families up for long-term security when we retire — so why do so many individuals take retirement planning lightly? When it comes time to start thinking about retiring (and frankly, you should be doing so sooner rather than later) you need an expert team of attorneys at your back to ensure you’re making the most of your assets.

At Morgan Legal Group in NYC, we’ve helped thousands of clients of all ages set up a detailed and future-proof plan for their retirement. Get in touch with our experienced retirement planning specialists now to make sure your wealth and your loved ones are taken care of.

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Why Hire a Retirement Planning Lawyer?

While many people make the mistake of thinking retirement planning is simply about setting up a few accounts and saving as much as you can, there are in fact hundreds of small considerations that can greatly affect the long-term safety of your assets. Just a handful of questions you may not be asking:

• Am I taking advantage of every state and federal law that can protect or increase my assets?
• Have I properly planned beneficiaries for all personal or business assets before and after I die?
• Are all my professional responsibilities and employees properly planned for?
• Are my IRA, Pension and Savings plans all properly allocated for?
• Have I considered all insurance needs and benefits now and in the long term?

The Morgan Legal business succession planning team has been helping individuals like you make the smart calls for their wealth and avoid seemingly innocuous decisions that could have catastrophic effects for decades now. Protect yourself today, plan for tomorrow.


Our law firm has the highest wins ratio percentage among all other New York legal practices.

Working With Our Retirement Planning Specialists

With years of experience in the business of helping NYC residents plan for successful retirements, the Morgan Legal Group has turned the science of retirement planning into an art form. We’ll meet with you 1:1 to learn about your current assets, your future goals, and to craft a custom retirement plan for you.

Unlike most retirement planning attorneys, we seek to be a full-service support system in your retirement mix planning, and are always available to answer any questions and provide any education you need about unique laws, asset programs or risks to your retirement success.

FAQ’s About Retirement Planning in New York

Have questions about planning your retirement with our attorneys? Take a look at some of our most common questions and get in touch with our team:

Great! You’re on the right path to long-term success, but there are still plenty of things to consider:

• Do you have the right asset mix?
• Have you taken state laws into account?
• Are all beneficiaries considered?
• Are future assets pre-planned for?

Retirement planning is extremely complex, don’t fall victim to the easy way out.

Anything of value you have today, accrue in the future or are gifted throughout your life should fit into your retirement plan. With Morgan Legal, we leave no stone unturned.

The process is fairly simple on your part. We simply meet with you, learn about your assets, understand your goals and then our seasoned retirement planning lawyers will craft a tailored plan for you and your family. We handle the legal dirty work, you focus on your life.

Time and time again we’ve provided unbeatable support for our clients and time and time again they have given stellar reviews. Simply put, the proof is in the results. You don’t become one of the best retirement planning attorneys in Brooklyn by accident!

We charge a single, affordable fee for a retirement planning consultation and then will work with you to determine a cost structure that works with your budget. Our mission is to maximize your wealth long term and protect you and your family — not to fill our pockets today!.

Let’s Build Your Business Succession Plans

Now is the time to set yourself up for long-term stability should something ever happen to you. The world is unpredictable, and your business touches so many lives. Don’t put it at risk by failing to plan for the unforeseen.

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