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No one wants to talk about death or dying, but it is a part of life. No one lives forever and it is in your best interest to make sure your estate and assets are properly distributed, the way YOU want, when you pass. Working with an estate planing lawyer in Brooklyn is not something that only the wealthy do. In fact, anyone can plan their estate and should.


When you have assets, money, property, and capital to your name, you want to plan so that these items and portions go to those family members, friends, and organizations you want them to go to.


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Estate planning

Estate planning is essential for those individuals who have a large estate or complex assets. Whether you have a multi-billion-dollar company, or you own several properties across three countries, you need to make sure your items are protected and distributed to those who you want. It is also essential that if you own a business, you have a plan in place for who will take control over the business should you pass away.

It is never a good feeling to know that you will be leaving your loved ones behind when you pass away, but with a good estate planning attorney in Brooklyn, you can make sure that each one of your loved ones is protected and taken care of.

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Estate plan is transparent

An estate plan is transparent, and it spells out your EXACT wishes. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are comfortable once you pass away.

The BIGGEST mistake you can make is to not have an estate plan in place. Without a detailed and clear plan, there are many issues that can arise from someone arguing that they should have an asset to probate. If your assets and estate is thrown into the court process, your loved ones will be stuck in a legal battle that can last a long time. Plus, when the court must make decisions, they may not be the decisions that you wanted. In some scenarios, your life savings or life-long company you worked so hard to build can be destroyed in minutes.

Estate planning attorney in Brooklyn

You may be thinking you do not need an estate planning attorney in Brooklyn because you are still young, but the truth is, you DO need an estate plan, no matter your age. You never know when tragedy may strike, and you should always be prepared. Here at Morgan Legal Group, you are in good hands and our team will sit down and discuss your estate with you and provide you with a structured and detailed plan.

As your local estate planning lawyer in Brooklyn, we can prevent your business interests, capital, money, and assets from going into probate once you have passed away. Our team will draft up trusts, wills, and power of attorney documents to ensure you and your assets are FULLY protected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Do not be fooled – even if you are innocent, that does not mean the courts are on your side. Jurors often side with the plaintiff who appears to need the funds in question rather than the defendant who they assume has money to spare.

Even a judge’s own personal feelings can put you in jeopardy.

Many of our clients believe that once a lawsuit has been filed against them, it is too late to shield assets from plaintiffs. They are happy to learn that usually there is still a lot they can do to protect their assets.

Many businesses and professions carry extraordinary financial risks that insurance alone can’t protect against. Medicine is a good example. Malpractice premiums are often barely affordable. Insurance does not cover many claims. Similarly impacted are real estate developers and builders and small business owners.

Over the past decade, our attorneys have represented hundreds of physicians, real estate developers, corporate directors and officers and small business owners. We know and understand the risks your business faces, and how to best shield your assets from these risks.

Even if an auto accident is minor, claims against you can be substantial. You can be sued for emotional damages, physical pain or a spurious claim like whiplash. There are approximately 150,000 practicing attorneys in California. Many of them look to your assets to make a living.

In a down real estate market a lot of borrowers find themselves unable to pay back loans or perform on personal guarantees. In difficult economic times banks and lenders pursue borrowers’ assets aggressively and diligently. This means that it is not enough to set up the most basic asset protection structures like revocable trusts or fake equity strips. To defeat the claim of a lender, especially a bank, the asset protection structures used need to be sophisticated and difficult to penetrate. We find that with the right asset protection structure in place, lenders will either give up the chase for your assets or be a lot more willing to negotiate.

Divorces can be rending, emotionally and financially. Community property laws and the often unpredictable vagaries of judges can make the process even more painful and costly. At Klueger & Stein, we can help plan ahead to reduce both the pain and the costs of a divorce.


Prominent Estate Planning Attorney Russel Morgan is Dedicated to Help The New York Families in Need
Prominent Estate Planning Attorney Russel Morgan is Dedicated to Help The New York Families in Need
Prominent Estate Planning Attorney Russel Morgan is Dedicated to Help The New York Families in Need
Prominent Estate Planning Attorney Russel Morgan is Dedicated to Help The New York Families in Need
Prominent Estate Planning Attorney Russel Morgan is Dedicated to Help The New York Families in Need

Addition protection assets

In addition to protecting your assets, capital, and business interests, an estate plan can also document end of life services. If you end up in a situation where you cannot make healthcare calls for yourself, you can decide who can make those decisions on your behalf and on behalf of your business too. This individual should ALWAYS be someone you trust.

At Morgan Legal Group, we know how hard you have worked to build up your family and everything you own. From a business to the money in your savings account, we are here to protect it and keep it from being lost to the court system or falling into the hands of someone who will neglect or misuse it. Developing an estate plan is the easiest and best way to protect your loved ones’ future interests.

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