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No one likes to think about what will happen when they are gone, but when you have significant assets to protect or loved ones to support, it is critical that you do! One of the best ways to ensure every cent of your estate goes into the right hands is to secure estate administration help from a trusted attorney.

At Morgan Legal, we have been helping individuals and families properly allocate and execute their estate distribution for decades. If you need an experienced, top-rates estate administration lawyer, we’re here to help.

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Why Hire an Estate Administration Lawyer?

While many people make the mistake of thinking that their loved ones or trusted friends can execute their will with ease, there is a tremendous amount of legal complication that can make estate administration a nightmare. Some of the most common missteps that un-trained executors face include:

  • Not accounting for taxes and government regulations
  • Failing to outline the full scope of an asset’s handoff
  • Failing to provide notice of their own appointment and thus forfeiting their rights
  • Not taking advantage of state programs that allow for greater percentages of asset value to be protected

From asset protection tactics to keeping all line items up to date and safely protected to knowing every tax law possible in the state of NYC, Morgan Legal is the trusted attorneys you need to administer your estate properly. Let us handle the dirty work so you can focus on your life.


Our law firm has the highest wins ratio percentage among all other New York legal practices.

Working With Our Estate Administration Attorneys

With years of experience in the business of helping NYC residents plan and administer their estates, the Morgan Legal Group has turned the science of estate management into an art form. We’ll meet with you 1:1 to learn about your current assets, your future goals, and to craft a custom estate distribution and protection plan for you.

FAQ’s About Estate Administration in New York

Have questions about administering your estate with our attorneys? Take a look at some of our most common questions and get in touch with our team:
Still open questions?

You can think about estate administration as the management and planning of your estate as well as the execution of your planned wishes after your passing. Simply put, Morgan Legal will become your trusted partner to maximize your long term estate value and protect your assets.

There are dozens of laws and allowances that create loopholes which the state or third parties can use to take advantage of you. Without proper legal oversight, your estate could end up in the wrong hands or lose significant value.

Your will is a legal document outlining the dissemination of your assets upon your death. Not having a properly defined and filed will could lead to your assets being seized. Don’t let the government interfere!

The proof is in the results, simply put! For decades we’ve provided unbeatable support for our clients and time and time again they have given stellar reviews. You don’t become one of the best estate administration attorneys in NYC by accident!

We work fast, we do our diligence, and we work with you to settle on a budget that works for you. We take every measure to make our services affordable and keep your time and resources top of mind. No matter what, we ensure that what you pay now pales in comparison to the costs your business will incur if you don’t have a proper plan in place.

Get Estate Administration Help Today!

Managing and administering your estate is no small feat, and you shouldn’t have to go it alone. Put your assets in the hands of the best in the business so you can rest easy knowing your wealth is protected.

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