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If you were ever held against your own will either by a police or a private individual without probable cause, it is best to consult a wrongful arrest lawyer. Wrongful arrest or false arrest arise when you are forcefully subjected to be held against your own will by authorities. Our seasoned wrongful arrest attorneys at Morgan Legal Group, P.C will help you make sure that your rights as an individual are protected.

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If probable cause is missing and you are detained or arrested, you may have been a victim of false or wrongful arrest. It means that authorities like the police can only get you into their custody if they are sure that you have committed a crime. This means that if you are involved in a bank robbery and they pursue you or if they witnessed you commit a homicide, or if they have a warrant of arrest with your name in it, that is the only time they can arrest you without incurring a false one.
In New York, you can be lawfully arrested if you are fleeing from a crime scene or if you have an existing warrant of arrest against you. Aside from police officers, hired security personnel of establishments such as hotels, supermarkets and department stores can detain you if they are sure that you violated or committed crime in the building they are tasked or hired to protect.
An unlawful arrest can affect your life in a multitude of ways. It will affect your job, family relations and the standing in the community, just to cite a few examples. If you feel that you have been a victim of a false arrest, you can seek the help of a wrongful arrest attorney to help you with your case so you can get compensated with the time of your life and the moral damages that were taken against you. You may contact the Morgan Legal Group, P.C. wrongful arrest lawyers in NYC to help you build up your case.
Wrongful arrests usually occur when authority figures such as policemen and private security misuse their power or in some cases, mistake an individual for someone else. Victims of wrongful arrest not only experience physical harm but also emotional and mental trauma. Oftentimes, the wrongfully arrested individual can also be subjected to the brutality of the police, inhumane confinement, torture that can be both of physical and psychological in nature and unlawful imprisonment. Should you think that you need a wrongful arrest lawyer in NYC, contact us at Morgan Legal Group, P.C.