Can I recover damages for the sexual abuse that happened?

If you ever become a victim of sexual abuse, you may not only be traumatized but also have some other parts of your lives affected. You may lose some money for the medical or psychiatric help you need.

The good thing is that there are ways you can recover from the sudden financial loss you may experience due to what has been done to you. You may reach out to the best sexual assault lawyers in NYC at the Morgan Legal Group to learn more what legal steps you can take in order to recover any financial losses you may have due to the traumatic event that happened.

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Common Questions about recovering damages from sexual assault

Questions And Answers

In New York, survivors can get a direct reimbursement for healthcare exams used in forensics. This compensation would still ensure that the data of the survivors are kept in utmost secrecy and their privacy is protected. It also makes sure that the survivors of sexual abuse are not paying for their own medical expenditures, may it be for forensics or for any medical attention they needed after their assault. The state also makes sure that preventive measures for HIV are provided to survivors.
Survivors can also file for a Crime Victim’s Compensation Application Program if other than the forensic exam; other medical or psychiatric services are needed by them. They may also recover or get compensation with loss of personal property, their monthly earnings, and any expenditure with medical and counseling or psychological help incurred when they applied to this program.
The short answer is yes. A civil lawsuit can be filed wherein you can sue the person who sexually harassed or abused you. Moreover, a civil lawsuit can make sure that your perpetrator is punished. For legal advice, it is best to have a sexual assault attorney onboard with you as you manage through the legal jungle of filing a civil lawsuit for sexual assault.
If you are planning to file a civil case against your abuser, what we suggest is to contact a sexual assault attorney. Your sexual assault attorney can give light on what you do and help you through the legal processes you have to take to get the justice. Consult the best sexual assault attorneys in New York at the Morgan Legal Group.