Sexual Abuse of Minors

According Child Protective Services agencies about 63,000 children a year were victims of sexual abuse between the years of 2009 to 2013. Child victims are usually in the age range of 12-17.
Most child victims find it hard to speak up about how they are sexually assaulted. As a result, these children often have anxiety and depression. Most know who have abused them and it can get really hard to move on from this.
If you are a parent and you need legal advice about the sexual abuse of your child you may reach out to us, Morgan Legal Group P.C in NYC. We are here to listen and help you and your family heal as we get justice for your case.
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Another example of a sexual abuse or assault is rape. Rape typically involves a forced sexual intercourse and involved forms of sexual penetration.It does not have an informed consent from thge victim and it usually involves coercion, force, abuse of power, or by taking advantage of someone who is unable to give consent like a minor.
If two individuals want to engage in a sexual relations or intercourse, the agreement between them that they will engage in this activity is what we call consent. Consent can only be given by two adults who communicate freely and agree about the sexual activity they are going to engage in. Minors, intoxicated people or those with diminished mental capacities at the time of the encounter cannot provide a proper and full consent prior to the sexual interaction.

If you ever feel like you have been sexually violated, you can reach out to various resources like the National Sexual Assault Hotline or seek assistance from a sexual assault attorney.

You can also report the abuse to the proper authorities like the police by calling 911 or by going directly to the police station. If you think that the support that you need is more of emotional in nature, try reaching out and call these numbers: 800.656.HOPE (4673) or the National Sexual Assault Hotline or 800.4.A.CHILD (422-4453) or the National Child Abuse Hotline.

Moreover, if a case will be filed and it concerns a child or a minor, the best course of action is consulting a New York sexual abuse of minors lawyer. You can reach out to us at Morgan Legal Group P.C to speak with one of our sexual assault lawyers.

Once you report an assault to the police, officers will be conducting an investigation about what happened. Expect that you or your child’s testimony will be taken and this will be considered as evidence for court. The police may also reach out to a state prosecutor for legal advice for your report.
It is best to reach out to a sexual assault lawyer before you report what had happened to the authorities. A sexual assault attorney can give light to legal questions you may have, and give you guidance on your next steps and help you with filing a complaint to the proper authorities. Our sexual assault lawyers here at Morgan Legal Group P.C will be here to listen and help you with what you or your family is going through.
Institutions like a school, church or university can be held liable if the sexual abuse, especially of minors happened within their premises. Usually, the perpetrator is an authority figure in the institution like a teacher, professor, a priest or even coaches or camp directors.
What happened is your story and no one can take that away from you. You have the power over when you want to speak up about this. However, please bear in mind that should you want to come forward, speak out about your abuse and press charges against the perpetrator, in New York, a sexual abuse can be reported up to one year later from the time the assault had happened.

For New Yorkers, survivors may have their forensic health examinations be compensated. Of course, the privacy of the survivor is ensured with this repayment and it also makes sure that survivors do not shell out money for forensic health exams. The state also provides HIV testing for survivors.

Survivors can also file for a crime victim’s compensation application if the survivor required medical treatment in relation to their abuse. They may also recover or get compensated if they ever lose personal property or earnings, and if they spend other medical or psychiatric fees to help them cope up with their assault if they applied to this program.

Moreover, survivors can also file a civil lawsuit to get compensation in relation to the damages resulting from the assault.

Traumatic experiences affect people differently. In some survivors, their memory becomes scrambled and they forget details about their assault. This can be expected and this does not invalidate what happened.
Some survivors of sexual abuse file a civil suit instead of a criminal case. A civil lawsuit is more private than a criminal case. Moreover, you can seek the court’s help to get money damages and seek punishment for your perpetrator. If you want to learn more about this and if you are thinking that filing a civil lawsuit instead, feel free to schedule a consultation with our sexual assault lawyers here at Morgan Legal Group P.C.
A civil lawsuit on assault of sexual nature may take years to have a resolution. Moreover it is not guaranteed that you will win the case. It is best to contact a seasoned sexual assault lawyers like what we have here at Morgan Legal Group P.C to make sure that your civil suit is strong and will rule in your favor.
A civil lawsuit may take years to resolve and it may take longer than expected.
Seeking justice for sexual abuse can differ among survivors. For some, justice means that their sexual abuser is jailed and what they do is they report the perpetrators to the authorities and a criminal case is filed against the abuser.