Oksana V. Golovina graduated with her Masters Degree from the State University in Cherepovets, Russia. She attended from August 1989 until April 1994 studying Russian language and literature. After completing her Masters, Oksana started first teaching job at the secondary school level. In August 1997 she decided to completely change her career path and entered the Masters in Law program at the Moscow State Law Academy where she studied from August 1997 until April 2001. During the completion of this program Oksana worked at the Department of Justice and studied Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law, as well as Russia’s Federal Court of General Jurisdiction. Following the completion of this program, Ms. Golovina practiced as an Attorney at Law for Criminal Defense, Corporate & Business Law, and Arbitration. Upon immigrating to the United States in 2001, Oksana earned her Masters Degree from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California. Oksana passed the New York State Bar Examination and was admitted to practice law by the Third Judicial District of the State of New York in 2015.


Oksana has extensive experience when it comes to serving the law in the United States. For over a year, starting in 2005, she was a paralegal at a Litigation Law Firm where she serviced criminal defense cases involving; felonies and misdemeanors including DWI, Criminal Possession of the Controlled Drug Substances, Assault, and Sexual Abuse. She also gained experience with civil litigation on personal injuries such as auto accidents, slip and fall. Subsequently, she was a paralegal for another law firm where she took care of: Real Estate Transactions, Matrimonial Cases, Probate Procedure, Criminal Law, Wills and Testaments. After her tenure at this firm, she left to attend law school, received her Masters in Law. Before passing the New York State Bar she worked at private practice in Albany, New York where she focused on gaining extensive experience in Matrimonial and Family Law. Today, Oksana serves as legislative counsel to two leading lobbying firms in Albany and, in such capacity, has gained extensive experience working with publicly elected- officials at New York State’s Capitol. In addition to working to pass legislation for her clients, Oksana serves as a consultant one of New York’s largest political action committees of a 10,000 member statewide association with a budget of over $1,000,000 per election cycle. Duties routinely performed in this public practice of law include screening legislation, tracking bills, attending committee hearings, and preparing all lobbying registration and bi-monthly filing reports as well as semi-annual client reports for the NYS Joint Commission on Public Ethics.   While Oksana enjoys her activities in the public arena and has developed many professional contacts with elected officials throughout the state, her major commitment is to the general practice of law. As an immigrant, she has a special interest in immigration law and has assisted clients with employment-based, family-based and investor related visas. In addition, she has represented clients before the Immigration Court of the United States with regard to removal and deportation. Also, due to her years of service both as an independent practitioner with various law firms, Oksana has a broad range of legal experience that allows her to serve her clients with both a high level of competence and commitment

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