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Joshua Somach is an Assistant Attorney General at the Office of New York State. His career entails him of being the manager for consumer fraud cases in the Watertown Regional Office while supervising mediation between businesses and consumers. He also has the proficiency to NYMatters cases with management software and with the help with interns he trains himself. Joshua also contributed to pre-trial preparation for high profile consumer fraud cases managed by the New York State office. There’s also thorough participation in continuing legal education or CLE with the Office of the Attorney General which is considered foundational for development as a trial attorney.


Joshua has an expertise on performing policy research and providing attorneys with factual legal analysis for use at trial. He has done this for the Office of General Counsel for the NYC Department of Probation. During his stay at this department, he participated in a number of events set up by these office to gain more law education on the intricacies of subjects dealt with by the Probation office and at the same time, the Office of General Counsel in particular on a regular basis. This enabled him to be present and participate in round table discussions on matters of law, requiring his independent research skills and the ability to respond to questioning peers and Department officials.


Joshua has worked with Hon. Judge Deborah Kaplan and has attended multiple trials with conferences gaining more experience concerning how to present cases before a judge. Cases both in the judge’s own court and the associated IDV court. This gives him the honor to include himself in a number of events set up by the court system for the education of law students on the intricacies of subjects dealt with by the New York Supreme Court system on a regular basis.

Finally, there’s the experience to work with a Councilman on speaking engagements where he discussed issues such as school funding and the need for participation in community based organizations. This gives Joshua the assessed voting patterns and habits of the population with recorded notes for use in the campaign’s demographic database. Considering all these skills developed, his communication skills enhances conversations addressing constituents and observing the Councilman’s behavior in his interaction with all clients.


Joshua prides himself on his passion and advice to families, huge corporations, high net worth individuals, multinational corporations, as well as important court room cases that many can define as life changing.

First Joshua gained his education at North Shore Hebrew Academy and then he graduated from The Johns Hopkins University, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from 2011 to 2015. Afterwards Joshua graduated from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University with a Juris Doctor in only 3 years. He’s also Westlaw Certified and also contains a LexisNexis which ensures that he’s Professional Research Certified. After successfully passing the New York State Bar Exam, Joshua worked in this field to make sure all clients and customers come out leaving a satisfied comment afterwards.


2018 David Berg Public Interest Fellow

Award for excellent service in the field of public service.

Dr. & Mrs. William F. Railing Scholarship 
Feb 2015

Award for academic excellence in the field of Economics.

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Russel is a graduate of New York Law School, LLOYD’S Of London, and is admitted to practice in New York.

Russel is fluent in Russian. He actively participates in his community, especially mentorship and guidance programs as well as improvement in the education of children.

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Russel prides himself on his passion and advice to families, Chief Executive Officers of major corporations, high net worth individuals, multinational corporations, closely-held business owners, as well as all types of entrepreneurs and charitable organizations.

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