Legal Expertise With Estate and Trust Taxes in NYC

One of the easiest ways to lose money when setting up a trust or estate is to not understand the complex tax laws that pertain to your unique scenario. That is precisely why anyone in NYC with significant assets needs a trustworthy and experience estate and trust tax representative on their side to ensure every dollar of your wealth goes into the right hands — not the government’s hands!

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Why Hire an Estate and Trust Lawyer?

No matter how well you plan your estate or trust, the bottom line is that taxes will always play a part. We see clients all the time who tried to take on take on estate or trust issues alone and realize there were so many unanswered tax questions, such as:

  • How do NYC taxes differ from other states when it comes to trusts?
  • Who is responsible for estate taxes when multiple recipients are involved?
  • How do you maximize take home and minimize tax penalties?

The Morgan Legal business succession planning team has been helping individuals like you make the smart calls for their wealth and avoid seemingly innocuous decisions that could have catastrophic effects for decades now. Protect yourself today, plan for tomorrow.


Our law firm has the highest wins ratio percentage among all other New York legal practices.

Working With Our Estate and Trust Tax Specialists

Unlike most estate and trust tax attorneys, we seek to be a full-service support system in your estate planning, and are always available to answer any questions and provide any education you need about unique laws, asset programs or risks to your success.

With years of experience in the business of helping NYC residents navigate complex tax issues, we’re on your side no matter what issues arise.

FAQ’s Estate and Trust Taxes in New York

Have questions about building an estate and trust tax plan with our attorneys? Take a look at some of our most common questions and get in touch with our team:

Still open questions?

Every state is different, every estate is different, and every tax collector is the same — they want to catch your mistakes to take more money! Don’t let them succeed just because you did not secure proper legal counsel.

Yes! Knowing the tax laws can save you thousands (or even millions) over the course of your lifetime. The vast majority of people pay taxes they don’t need to, pay too much tax, or aren’t getting proper kickbacks they are legally owed.

Going it alone without the knowhow is by far the biggest mistake you can make. Why try to navigate the complex waters of estate and trust tax law when you could hand these tasks off to seasoned professionals at Morgan Legal?

Simply put, the proof is in the results. Time and time again we’ve provided unbeatable support for our clients and time and time again they have given stellar reviews. You don’t become one of the best estate and trust tax attorneys in NYC by accident!

Our team will work with you to settle on a budget that works for you and we keep your time and resources top of mind. We work fast, we do our diligence, and take every measure to make our services affordable. No matter what, we ensure that what you pay now pales in comparison to the costs your business will incur if you don’t have a proper plan in place.

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Don’t let tax issues derail your progress with your estate or trusts. Our lawyers can help you navigate complex tax issues and make sure your assets are protected from state and federal interference.

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